Fillet Will Only Work to One Side

This is a problem I have seen in V6 but do not remember in V5.

In the attached file I cannot fillet the curves from the desired side. The fillet always goes to one side no matter where I click.

Problem Fillet.3dm (3.2 MB)

I have confirmed that Fillet and Connect behave differently in V6 compared to V5. In V5 the portion of the curve which was retained after triming by Fillet or Connect depended on where the curve was selected. In V6 the portion of the curve retained depends on the direction of the curve.

Work around for V6: Use Flip before Fillet to change the direction of the input curve.

Connect is an alternative to Fillet but you may still need to Flip an input curve in V6.

A guess - This change may have been deliberate so that the portion of the curve which is retained is more easily specified in Grasshopper.

Hello - thanks, I got that.
For now, explode the upper line and just fillet the single line.


RH-56096 is fixed in the latest WIP