Fillet through point

I have often wished it was possible to fillet through a point, where you don’t know the radius etc. but know where you want it to run.

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The workaround - in case you haven’t figured it out already - is to Connect the two curves that you want to fillet (if they aren’t already connected), then run Arc>Tangent, choose the two curves as tangents and then snap to the point you want the fillet to run through. Then use the arc to trim the two curves and Join. I suppose this might be an interesting thing to script; a macro for the arc part might look like this:

! _Arc _Tangent _Pause _Pause _Point

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Sorry Helvetosaur
I meant when filleting surface edges (the inclined vertical one). I realise it’s easy in this case to put a line perpendicular to the edge and just measure it but it’s a faff all the same.

Just to be clear