Fillet surfaces problem, and NURB control point problem

Hey everyone! I have been messing around trying to get this shape right, but I think that my understanding of nurb surfaces and control points is not that good.

Is there any guru who is able to tell me how I can fillet the corners of the stern to maybe a 1 meter fillet?

Also, Is there anyway to exactly match control point coordinates? IE stack two lines of control points perfectly on top of each other.

This is a tough one! IceBreaker3.3dm (1.1 MB)

Eliminate all stacked control points. (Two or more control points of the same surface with the same coordinates, not control points of different surfaces which coincide.) This may require remodeling with multiple surfaces replacing one surface. The flat side for example can be a single surface.


Stacking control points is best avoided where possible. While it is a method to create discontinuities in tangency (creases), curvature, etc it frequently leads to problems.