Fillet srf to rail

The command works, however, as usual, there is something incomplete in the tool (but not only in this): options would be needed to allow a correct condition at the ends of the connection surface.
Fillet srf to rail (fillet simmetrico).3dm (902.6 KB)

There is no extend option in the FilletSrfToRail for reliability reasons IIRC, but I will ask the dev.
You can however quite reliably extend the surface in this case and keep continuity in tact:

Performed with another Cad.
(I don’t know how good the surfaces and continuity are, but I want to trust).
Thanks Gijs.

could you post the resulting file? I am curious to know how the extents look, thanks!

it’s a video they sent me some time ago; I’d be curious too…
In any case, the CAD does everything automatically, performs the fillet with reference to the extremes of the surfaces, extends and cuts. Currently with Rhino it becomes laborious…

luckily you never need an ugly blend like in that video in real life. I didn’t hear back from the developer yet, but let you know if I know more.

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