Fillet split

HELLO! Tell me, please, how can I select rounded curves using this filet? (7.0 KB)

Use the other Fillet?

Fillet_2019Sep28a (5.8 KB)

Give thanks! It’s just that this filet has a slightly different operation algorithm, which is more relevant, but in this case it works the same way, thanks anyway!

If you want only the fillet curves, you can do this; note that the Disc ‘L’ input is set to C2 (Curvature). (11.6 KB)

I messed around for awhile with the Fillet you used but never managed to get both fillets on one curve; got two complete curves instead with one fillet in each; just as you had already done. But I can’t see the difference?

P.S. Fillet surfaces (below): (14.1 KB)

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This is a very useful solution. Thank you!