Fillet radius star


I now have a star with sharp edges (see photo 1). These sharp edges need to be replaced with nice curves (see photo 2).

Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Final (7.1 KB)


You can make a Nurbs Curve using the vertices of the star of the control points.
Or Fillet the curve.

Final (13.3 KB)

Or you can use the same approach as Subdivision of mesh (Catmull &Clark) but with polyline
Component from Nautilus Plugin

you can convert to curve if you want

Final (9.3 KB)

And if you want just exterior filleted => 2 offsets

If just interior => 2 offsets

And everywhere => 4 offsets

Not the same as fillet corner ???

And then polyline can be trasformed to lines and arcs (one arc could be better)

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Great work Laurent


2023-05-16_232045 (10.7 KB)

Thank you this is exactly what I meant