Fillet Polygon Spiral

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Been using a spiral definition I hacked together from some others found here on the forums for some work recently. New changes to the project may need a more polygonal spiral so I adjusted my definition to work as polylines to do so. Now I need to be able to pick a set of the corners of the spiral and fillet them as needed. I’m new to using the fillet curve command in grasshopper and am not sure what I am doing wrong.

I extracted the points on the side I need with a cull pattern and am using that as the parameter for the fillet command. It is not behaving as I thought though. I imagine something is not correct using the list as the parameter?

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Polygon Spiral

Fillet Result

You have to plug in curve parameters in t input of Fillet component.
Some of many possible waya to achieve that are via Dicontinuity or Curve Closest Point .


Thanks got it to work using curve closest point!

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