FILLET Option not showing up

How come I cant fillet the bottom of this object

Hi Delayna -
As requested in your previous threads, please post the 3dm file. It’s very hard to troubleshoot an issue from an image.

Exercise57.3dm (269.8 KB)

Hi Delayna - if your question is about FilletEdge, that command only works on joined edges - your object is made up of separate surfaces - Join all the bits on each side of the parting line to get two objects, then fillet each.


When I try to fillet the top surface it goes like this

Hi Delayna - in the file you posted previously, there are multiple extra surfaces in the top bit - Explode that and click on each face - you can see where the doubles are where the red color is deeper.

Then join it up again - any better?


yes that worked thanks!