Fillet on letter

Hello!!! I have to do a (famous) logo in 3d… All the letters have been rather simple to do, except the fist: I have done the curves, then surface from plane curves, then extract surface as solid… ok… Then, same fillet (o,4) than the other letters, and the fillet fail, doing strange artefacts… I have done , then, a box, then extrude the initial curves in solid, then create the letter as boolean intersection, then difference…Ok… the fillet fail the same… then I explode the volume, make a pipe of the outlined curve, try to split in the idea of blend surface after, but the split don’t work, don’t understand why…
When everything fail, what can I do, Gandalf???
thank you for your help!!!

Learn to use FilletSrf and build your fillets manually.
Other than that most likely your input curves have some issues. Try to make the curves as clean as possible with least amount of control points to define the shape.
If you want further help post the geometry.
Using FilletEdge will fail at places where curvature of the surface goes below the radius of your fillet. Search the forum there are plenty of these cases to find.

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@celmar, are you drawing the letters from curves manually?

Yes, Ivelin! they send me before the week end the ai curves, but the file was corrupted, so I did them manually… rather simple, in fact… Gijs, curiously, your hint to use FilletSrf gives cleaner fillet than “solid-fillet”… Don’t understand why, because I didn’t change at all the set up, but the fillet were done! thank you!..
As far as I can judge, the curves I did were clean, as the letters of the disney logo are rather complicated, and impossible to draw with few pointds…

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Why don’t you simply create TextObject using some font and you’ll get the solids?

That D letter seems using the Walt Disney font. Just find that font and use it with TextObject.

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In case of using a font it is still advisable to rebuild or at least carefully check the curves if you need to fillet the edges. Fonts often have very dirty curves that lead to issues with filleting. Same goes with starting from adobe illustrator files.