"Fillet of rho" in Rhinoceros

I’d like Rhino was introduced this function in the fillet.
In the video I posted (the final part, from 10 minutes onwards) you can see this possibility.
What do you think?

Yes, we all want more from the “BIG Boys”, but with the Rhino price…

Why do you say that?
to have, for example, this function, as it is expected to cost Rhino, $ 5000?

Is this equivalent to trimming the two surfaces with the “Start Guide” and “End Guide” curves, and then creating a blend surface between the surfaces with BlendSrf? BlendSrf provides choice of continuity, allows control curves to be placed as desired, has sliders which provide overall control of the connecting surface shape, and the shape of individual control curves can be adjusted by dragging control points.

Doesn’t Surface sweep 2 rails with one cross section curve being a point with history enabled cover this?

I am referring to the last part of the saw which I posted, not this year, which resolves hen the command “blendSrf.” The parameter “Rho” is a subtlety from solid modeler…

I was suggesting that the Rhino command BlendSrf provides the capability of the “Rho” parameter shown in the later part of the video about NX.

The shape sliders in Rhino BlendSrf provide adjustment very similar to the NX “Rho” parameter. The sliders can be locked together so that both sides of the blend surface are changed a similar amount, as in changing the NX “Rho” parameter in the video, or the sliders can be unlocked and moved separately to provide more control of the blend surface.

How is that different than what you are requesting?