Fillet not working

Fillet with Radius = 0 is not working… it used to work bt now its not working…what is the solution?

Should work… but you can also try the Connect command instead… --Mitch

Thanks connect worked … also fillet worked with rad 0 when the trim was set to the value yes

are you sure it is not working? If you have the options Trim=No and Extend=No probably you see that it doesn’t work because you might be used to see it extending and/or trimming the actual curves. That happened to me some times that’s why i think you might be in this situation. I use it everyday with Radius=0 Trim=Yes Extend=Line(or arc some time) to make corners between 2 existing curves!

Hope that helps!

yes, i forgot to turn Trim= yes thats why it was not working…