Fillet Issue

Hello Forum, I’m creating some stonework edgings. Profile is quite simple, they have a joining system between each of the stones. As well as straight stones, we have some which are curved to different radius (to go round corners etc). I’m having an issue with the stones which are curved, created using sweep. The small fillet at the end of each stone is failing. Should I be doing something different? tia
(screenshots and sample file attached)
hmm, the forum is not letting me upload any .3dm files, its only 4mb and I get this pop up, ‘Filesize must be greater or equal to 1’ (screenshot attached too)

Getting this error when trying to upload my rhino file ??

Hi Milezee,

Would it possibly work to create a continuous sweep & then use WireCut to create the divisions?


curved with fillet:

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thanks for chipping in, I’ll try that method on the curved pieces, just a note, the ‘joining nib’ is on the sloped part of the stone (I wish the discourse forum would let me upload the sample file, I keep getting the above error?)

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Seems to work ok! I didn’t exactly replicate all the curves, though I did try the semicircular curve crossing the flat & sloped edges… seems to create pretty clean geometry.


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@Andrew_Turner yep that seems to work, many thanks for the tip :+1:, sometimes you gotta just try another method eh :grinning:

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Dear @milezee

the background, why _filletEdge is failing:

there are those corners, where 4 surfaces are meeting (left, gray, red dot, red edge)
because of this typology FilletEdge is failing.
compared to the right, greenish version, where the top is one single Surface (inside the more complex Polysurface / Solid) - there is no additional edge. - and the wirecut-Workflow above is one of the possible ways, to get a continous single surface.

kind regards - tom

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@Tom_P yes thanks for the explanation, my method of booleanunion of the end nib to the main profile worked for the straight pieces, once I needed the curved pieces and used sweep this method failed on those small fillets at the end, thanks for the input, cheers