Fillet issue on bar of soap type

I cannot get consistent fillet edge on the type on my bar of soap. The fillet on the “O” is what I want. The fillet appears but the sharp edge remains as well. The fillets also run beyond the edge of the later forms too.

Soap.3dm (4.4 MB)

Hi Tim - the problem you’ll run into here is that the radius of your fillet radius, .032, is larger than the radius on the edges being filleted in many locations - that will not work.


How can I check the raid on the edges I am trying to fillet?
The perimeter of the “P” doesn’t successfully fillet even with a .01 fillet.
I don’t think there are radi less than .01 on the edges.

Yeah… the curves are a little messy - you can see right at the top of the ‘P’ there’s a slight kink in the outer curve. (Use GCon to check)

I’d always clean up font curves before using them to surface. I do not see the original curve for your text, but you’ll want to verify tangencies throughout - this is typical of font curves, they are junky from a 3d/surfacing point of view, they are generally not precise enough.


I understand. Thanks for the help and the quick response.

I normally import the font paths from Illustrator.
What procedure should I use to correct tangencies once I have import the font paths into Rhino?

Hi Tim - I would turn on the CurvatureGraph at a reasonable scale and look for spikes in the graph as a first step.( BTW, font curves are particularly notorious, but AI curves in general should be inspected, I would say - there just is not the control or precision in print/web targeted applications as is needed for good surfaces).

I’d also Explode the curves and check for tangency (G1) with the GCon command and clen up if the tangencies are not perfect (Match command)

This is all good Info.
I was advised to keep the curves as native to Rhino as possible.
Obviously this is one reason to do so. The convenience of importing from Illustrator was too great to resis. Plus, some typefaces take considerable effort to replicate in Rhino.

Hi Tim - starting with the typeface is fine, but it is worth spending some quality time cleaning up and verfiying. I’ve attached some of the curves ‘cleaned up’, according to me… hopefully I have not made any character-killing mods to the shapes…
SoapCurves_PG.3dm (122.5 KB)



Wow! Thanks.
I just spent two weeks at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, CO getting acquainted with Rhino.
My instructor was Fabiano Sarra. Great guy.

My long term plan is working Rhino into the curriculum at my university.
It will takes some convincing though.
I teach typography and I think it would be a great tool to explore type as a dimensional object and then to as image.

Thanks for respecting (acknowledging) the typeface integrity.


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