Fillet fails no matter what

No i dont (semi-pro version from cnc-step 60x100x11cms). But the cnc and mill are supposed to… Will have to test gently!

I see. I’m currently building a 700 x 500 x 8.5cm DIY-CNC with steel pipes (ø25mm) and 3D printed parts. I’m planning to use it as a mill (wood, aluminium, plastic, etc.), pen plotter, and with a drag knife from time to time.
What CAM software do you use?

I started with Aspire but found it quite limited plus lots of extra steps if you need to correct your model in Rhino and go back to Aspire. I switched to RhinoCAM - haven’t looked back. But it requires a lot more knowledge than Aspire to get it right which it will. Support is awesome - i had issues with my paths and they fixed it with milling time cut by 90%.

For laser gcode, I use Lightburn.

The CNC controller uses Kinetic-NC for both.

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