Fillet Edges works fine on my computer but not my clients computer

I have a definition that works fine on my computer. When I send it to my client, the Fillet Edges component turns red and stops working. I have tried everything I know to try.
Thanks for any tips or suggestions you might have.
I attached my version. Can anyone else open this file and have it work?

finger joint rounded angled filleted (45.6 KB)

It fails for me too.

P.S. On a hunch, I changed ‘View | Display options | Units | Absolute tolerance’ from 0.001 to 0.01 and the component works as expected.

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Thank you for testing this for me. Wow, Now I am really stumped.

Please see my ‘P.S.’, it’s a units tolerance issue.

OK, I just now saw your P.S. That must be it. Thank you so much.