Fillet edges of Closed Polysurface

Hey all. I will preface by saying I am self taught and fairly new to rhino so be gentle, ha… I have a closed polysurface in the shape of a surfboard however the bottom edge of the surface has a sharp transition between the rounded edges and bottom. I simply need a 1/16"ish filleted edge here but ever time I do it is makes the model do weird things. Left me know what I am doing wrong and how to fix(I’m sure there are many things)!
Handplaneinjectionmold.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi Kyle, welcome to the forum!

Your case indeed gives problems with fillet edge. You may have more success using the pipe trim trick approach by @theoutside - see this Youtube

I came this far, there are some issues at the corners, but it may already be good enough, can’t judge that for you of course.

Handplaneinjectionmold_pipetrim.3dm (1.5 MB)

Awesome! Thanks Menno. I have never used that trick… still playing around with it myself to get it to work out like yours. Appreciate the time you put into it!

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