Fillet Edges - Change Defaults

95% of the time for the edges I need to fillet I select ChainEdges. Is there a way to make ChainEdges default so that I don’t have to select it each time?

Also a lot of the time the NextRadius for most of my projects is 0.250. The default is 1.000. How do I change the NextRadius default?


Hi @cwesterman

If you are on Rhino 7 you can just double-click the edge to chain the edges during fillet.

For the NextRadius, that depends on how you execute the command. If it’s by icon, just change (Shift+RMB on the icon) the command to ! _FilletEdge NextRadius=0.25
Then it’ll start from 0.25 every time you run the command. This of course has the disadvantage of losing the ability of using the last value.

If you just want it to just start with 0.25 but still have Rhino remember the last used value, you can add ! _FilletEdge NextRadius=0.25 Enter to the “Run these commands every time Rhino starts”-section of Options>General.

HTH, Jakob

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I use Rhino 6.

Then you make it ! _FilletEdge NextRadius=0.25 ChainEdges in the editor (or leave out the NextRadius if you do that from the “Run these commands every time Rhino starts”-section.

Thanks Jakob