Fillet Edge Question

I’ve selected an edge on a solid object and have set the fillet to .06 – the edge shows a readout of what looks like a 0 3/4" – this doesn’t look right, although the fillet works.


Assuming your model units are set to feet, and your distance display is set to feet & inches, I would consider this expected, as it is displaying in feet and inches, although it is a bit odd that the command line and command feedback are different units. If you change your distance display to Decimal, filletEdge will report back in decimal feet.


Units or DocumentProperties > Units
What “Model units” are set? What are the “Distance display” settings?

Sounds like your model units are feet and your distance display setting is fraction and 1/4" increments.

Again assuming feet as your model units, 0.06 feet (x12) = 0.72 inches which would round off to 3/4 inch.

Thanks, adjusted display setting to decimal as suggested, now reads as I would expect it to.