Fillet edge problems

yoke.3dm (810.4 KB)

Having trouble trying to put a 1mm fillet on the top edges of this model.
Its only the long edge thats a problem, and I had managed to get it to work at one point.

Hi Bob2, I’ve had a quick look at your file. I can find a very short edge between two surfaces that is the likely cause of your fillet failure (see image). If it doesn’t compromise your design, I’d add a larger fillet/blend across the part between the yellow lines, this should help. If you can’t do that you’ll have to manually build the fillet in the area, or rather, that’s what I would do.
Good luck with it.

Hi Bob - as MrB points out, that short edge is likely the problem - in addition, the top edges there are not tangent - it looks like it is mean to be tangent, so you might want to look again at that.