Fillet Edge Not Extending?

old issue I think, doing a fillet edge it doesn’t extend and trim to the upper point causing me to extract the fillet, create a planar surface, trim, then rejoin.

am i missing something?


Hi Ryan - BUT… what would it extend to? I know you know, and I can tell, but how would Rhino know that you expect the fillet to be extended and clipped to any particular plane? The way out is to Cap the thing first, if that is possible, or hand surgery…


i can see how that would be near impossible from a programming point.

i didn’t even think of capping first, that solves the problem since i basically had to do that anyway at the end.

thanks for the tip!

I suppose it might be possible and it might make sense to internally & behind the scenes cap objects with planar openings to help guide the fillets to the ‘obvious’ solution.


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nice! thanks Pascal!

@kleerkoat So, just fyi, the developer looked at this and found an easier way to make the ‘obvious’ trim on the fillet - it’s fixed for the in-house v6 builds already… Aren’t you glad you asked?? Thanks!



sweet! as always your support is the best in the business! will be looking for it!

Cool !
Thanks Ryan, Pascal and ‘Developer’ ! :smiley:
This is one of those little things that, when you forget about it, can get in the way later and be a bit hard to detect …

Nice :slight_smile: