Fillet edge / merge all faces

Here is what i would call a bug:

In the screen capture below “1” is a joined object made from two separate objects that have had their adjoining faces removed at the intersection, and then joined into a single whole.
Running the fillet command on this object gives results as shown in “2”
Running MergeAllFaces on 2, and then filleting, gives the result shown in “3”

I would expect that I would get the result shown in “3” simply by filleting “1” , which after all is a valid object, and this indeed is what happens in V6, and also MOI.

So, since there are still service releases coming for V5, I’d like to see this behavior fixed, especially since I cant use V6 in any stable form on my current computer.


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I think it has been said over and over that no more service releases for V5. But who knows though? It is still good to point out problems.–Mark

Hi Tony - that will not be fixed in V5 I’m afraid. While it works better in the V6 code, the service release does not include any of that, the SR is only to fix the display issues that come with Windows ‘Creators’.