Fillet Edge - Complex Closed Polisurface

Please I need help with this model I made.
It’s the handle for a bow, I’d like to fillet every edge of this solid but if I use the command everything appears to be wrong, even if I apply different radiuses to each section of the edge.
What can I do?

bowgrip.3dm (213.3 KB)

Hello - the object is a little messy, I’m afraid - especially at one end -



is not very clean - the edges are not tangent and the surface that comes to a point should really be a trimmed surface.

I’ll see if I can make you something cleaner so you see what I mean - that will get things started in a better direction, I think.

There is another messy bit here:


where it is just not well enough defined as a design - you need, I would say, to get a little more control over the design and figure out what the shapes are that you want… This feels like you went at it without a full idea what to model. That’s (I would say) a legitimate process to ‘find’ the design but then, if you want a clean model, then you may need to think it through more carefully.


Thank you very much for your time.
I totally agree with you about the edges that should be tangent, the problem is that I don’t know how to do that for such an irregular shape.
I had a model from which I drew the outline from 4 points of view (up, down, left, right), left and right were different from each other, but up and down where the same. I once drawn, I used extruded the lower outline, than I used the “pull” command in order to arrange side outlines on the curved extrusion of the lower outline. Than I used “sweep 2” to create all of the surfaces, and after a lot of attempts I managed to close the shape somehow, but the edges are still not tangent and therefore I cannot apply the fillet.

What should I have done differently?