Fillet Curves - Creates Diameters not Radii

I have been working a lot with Rhino in 2D to create technical drawings. It seems to me that when I create a fillet it asks for a radius. When I enter the radius - 3mm for example, it creates a fillet. When I use Radial Dimension to annotate the fillet it reads it as R1.5mm. This could be that the fillet tool is asking for a radius but in fact building a fillet using the input as a diameter.?? Please can you check this for me?

Kind regards

did you draw a fillet prior which used a radius of 1.5?
when you change the radius value, you have to press enter in order to make the change… then select the two curves.

but i’m not seeing a problem with Fillet using diameter dimensions while asking for radius… it appears to work fine/accurately here.

Thanks for your feedback. I will make some more tests and see what happens. I first had problems when I was working on an imported DXF or DWG file from another program. Now I have just tried it on a Rhino drawing I am working on and it is working fine. Will let you know how I get on.