Fillet curved srfs?

I am trying to fillet the edges of the four protruding prongs on this model however I’m not sure the best way to do this. I’ve tried exploding it and filleting surfaces but that did not work. I also tried extracting the curve but that would not fillet either. Any thoughts? Should I just rebuild this in a different way?

Here is a photo of the object I’m trying to model, you can see how the edges of the plastic form are smooth

which edges? all of them, some of them, only ends, only uprights?

can you post the file with a screen shot of what you are looking for?

Hello - FilletEdge the inside corners -


Does that work for what you need?


The object you are trying to recreate has a considerably smaller fillet radius, so it should be pretty easy to make it as the upper details are well above the latter. :slight_smile:

Fundamental rule of filleting: Start with the largest radius fillets and progress to the smallest radius.

Reality of filleting in Rhino: The user may need to manually trim and sometimes intersect fillet surfaces.

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A similar case was discussed here some time ago:

Note step #5 from my post there that says the following:
“Combine both surfaces into one with the “Merge surfaces” tool and make sure that you set the “Smooth=No” option.”
Thanks to Rhino’s ability to merge two surfaces while keeping the crease in-between, it’s possible to use such “hacks” to make a fillet that otherwise would be impossible with Rhino’s limited filleting capabilities.

Perfect! Thanks