Fillet creates open breps from a closed brep

Im a bit lost in this one (i searched for other posts on this but no cigar). I have my knife model in GH, it’s a lofted hexagon tappered and i added a fillet but looking closely i noticed that my handle has holes and i dont want to guess how the stl to cnc will translate if there’s a hole. The hole is the fillet, i tried union/intersection, capex, etc… cant make it work!

How can you cap the holes in this example? (14.3 KB)


i tried to mesh and merge faces too, didn’t work…

If you want to fillet the edges of a brep, you used the wrong “Fillet” component. (17.0 KB)

Or, if you wanted something different, you’ll need to explain again…

Nice solution but graphically speaking the previous fillet was the one i wanted, only on the edges’s vertices… in your solution is all the edges are filleted/rounded instead of the corners…

in green, the right solution

I have no really idea if a function for what you ask was already done somewhere…

But with costant on-face radius fillet your edges will not align.

I’m thinking more of a spherical surface that is tangent to the 3 edges … maybe?
2020-03-17 16_39_16-Window

See how the 3 faces have different circle radiuses.

Is this the surface you want?

1 Like (29.4 KB) 2020-03-17 16_57_48-Window

This would be a “vertex filleting” …
Script is not great, fail often and surface is moved by 0.01 to avoid errors… (tangency is lost)


Holy cow! that quickly became complicated, but looks great!!!

thank you @maje90!