Fillet Bug -> view crash

well obviously a bug.
a simple loft surface against a planarSrf causes rhino view to crash.
-> no surface, black screen
sorry for the workload.
best Tom

system_info_2020_06_25_tom.txt (10.6 KB)
fillet_srf_bug.3dm (113.4 KB)

Hello - the reason it’s messing with the view is that the fillet surface goes off into outer space in all directions… it should not do that, but the 12 radius will not fit on that cylindrical surface - the surface radius drops to about 8 at the edges.


Dear pascal - thanks for your fast reply.
if i do a series of r6, r8, r10, r11.5, i still see the resulting, self-intersecting surface…
but with r 12 it messes up completly…
it would be great if the algorithm reduces the result to the blue output generated with the limited green help srf…
for me it looks like some recursive optimisation runs to an invalid threshold… and therefor it would be great to get a more precise output or some kind of error message, …
best T

fillet_srf_bug02.3dm (3.7 MB)