Fillet between multiple surfaces

Hi there, I am having a fillet issue. Clearly this would be easier if the middle polysurface was round, but it is not. What is the best way to approach this to have a somewhat smooth and rounded edge? Thanks!
Evergreen fillet problem.3dm (13.6 MB)

Hi Courtney - something like this?

That is a lot of FilletSrf on a thing like this - and you’ll get collisions to sort out, but I do not see a better way given what you have. I would look into SubD modeling in V7 - in the long run for this sort of thing I think you’ll be happier.


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… typing parallel to pascal…

where do you need a fillet ?
which radius ?

I am trying to fillet the flat edge. I left some space after the leaves to simplify it.
Thanks @pascal @Tom_P
Evergreen fillet problem.3dm (13.4 MB)

use the following command to find visually the smallest radius, biggest curvature in of the edge
something bigger then 0.65

_filletEdge has to be set to a radius smaller then that → 0.6 (or less)
and does the job here

something close to what you re searching ?

kind regards


Evergreen fillet problem_tp.3dm (12.6 MB)

Yes exactly, thank you @Tom_P ! I have never used curvatureGraph before. I will have to try it!

it is just to estimate the position, where the smallest radius is…