Fillet Approach

I was wondering if someone could suggest a way to Fillet along the highlighted line in the image.

I’ve tried Fillet Edge, Fillet Surface and Variable Fillet; None of them giving results I can work with.
(Starting with about 0.1 radius in the middle to 0 at the ends)

I’m looking at just ‘modelling’ my own fillet transition but thought there might be some ‘stones’ I haven’t turned over yet in which I can still use one of the Fillet commands.

Fillet_Attempt.3dm (1.5 MB)

pipe trim trick!

see here-

Thanks Kyle.

That’s actually what I was going to do but cutting out a section.

I didn’t think of the blend surface part, so I will have to try that.

I was going to run profile curves along the gap to create a sweep; But the work was going to be getting the tangencies to the surface where the profiles start.

This blend surface looks like it will save me some time - Thanks again.

You may not get it all in one go, but that process will get you there even if you have to do it in several pieces.

happy modeling!

FilletSrf also manages reasonably well - there is some cleanup to do but it will get most of it.


Yeah, one of the issues I had with the fillet surface is that the edges of the fillet are raised up off the surface.
I thought I could somehow use those edges to split the object, then join the fillet to the object. But because it’s raised off the surface I couldn’t split.
I also had to do two separate fillets along the crease since it would not let me select the complete surface, leaving a big gap between the two fillets, unlike yours which looks like its’ all connected in one piece.

Yeah, the object is pretty small for the current file tolerance - I’d use .001 units at most for a thing this small, with small details like the filllet.


Ah ok…thanks for that tip.