Fillet and chamfer issue

Hi guys. So I noticed a change in the chamfer and and fillet commands that I don’t care for as much. I’m hoping this is a bug and not intended. Here is a box that was made from bounding box and then offset. Because of the offset the edges are not merged. In V5 I could pick and edge and even without using chain edge it would still chamfer/fillet the unmerged edges if it was all in-line. In WIP it only fillet/chamfers the one edge. Also in this example the chamfer is failing. If I merge the edges then the chamfer does not fail.



It will definitely be a bug.
I’d like that once chosen the board, they could move along the edge of the handle, so that if you wanted to, you could shorten the ring and not be rigidly bound to the entire board. I do not know if Rhino 6 can be done such a thing.

Drawing a box. Subsequently split an edge (I want my connection is shorter than the entire board). If I run a “fillet / blend / chamfer edge” constant amplitude, Rhino me stretches and runs for the entire board (central figure)
Instead, if I decide to do a “fillet / blend / chamfer edge” type variable, the connection is successful, only the stretch of border that I selected (right).
Why this strange behavior?

I guess I’d call V5 behavior a bug - unselected edges should not be filleted.


I hope in the V6 does not happen!
So if you want to connect only the edge section with a fillet / blend / chamfer edge at constant rate, I’ll have to build everything by hand?

Okay. I definitely see advantages of it being the way it is in V6. It’s not a problem for me I just wanted to point out the difference more than anything and to see if this was intended or a bug.

I agree.
But is there a good reason why OffsetSrf on a box would leave edges split?

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I only really use that function with a macro I have where I select faces, it extracts them, bounding boxes them and then offsets the box. I’ve just added the mergeallfaces command so not big deal for me but I agree that it would be nice if offsetting solids did not cause split edges. It was never a problem in the past for me so I never mentioned it.