Fill with Trianglefan option for meshes?

Hi McNeel’ies :slight_smile:
With the Fill command for SubD we have the option to use a triangle fan approach. Is there a mesh equivalent? I’m tired of my “convert to subd, fill with triangle fan, extract control polygon” work flow.
If not, could it be added, eg. as a sub-option to FillMeshHole? Or is there an obvious methodology I’m overlooking? :slightly_smiling_face:
TIA, Jakob

Hi Jakob - I do not think you are overlooking anything, I’ll get this onto the pile, thanks.
Although - just testing a bit here - it does not look like it always works out very well - it may not be as simple as the workflow you suggest.
RH-76553 FillMeshHole: triangles


Hi @pascal
Thanks for writing it up. Just saw Dr. Dale’s comment, and he’s right: “Just” let Fill accept mesh input. I know it won’t make sense in all situations, depending on topology, but when editing a lot of pipes/cords/wires in mesh format it makes (a lot of) sense :slight_smile: