Fill Small Gaps missing from Rhino 6

Is there any reason why “The fill small gaps” option in the Mesh repair wizard is missing from Rhino 6? This feature was a lifesaver when I had hundreds of naked edges.

Hello - the ‘Fill small gaps’ item in V5 runs the MatchMeshEdge command, - in V6 this is shown as ‘Match Edges’


Thanks Pascal,
It does not look like it selected all the edges. All I get is the “MatchMeshEdge” Command line. What I loved about “fill small gaps” is that it selected ALL the naked mesh edges automatically without my having to click on them individually. When the number of errors is in the hundreds, this becomes very useful.

Hello - ok - we may be able to fix that. The V5 version may have just done the selection for you. I’ll ask the developer.
For now, select the mesh itself and it will get all the edges, I believe, in the same way as previously.


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Hello Pascal,
Any update on getting this feature put back into Rhino 6?