_Fill command not on toolbars or command list

I just learned about the Fill command from another post.

Why can’t I find it on a toolbar or in the command list? It’s super handy and it works perfectly.

This? Sub-D feedback and possible features request


The SubD tools are rapidly evolving.
Designing U/I happens much later after use of the tools settles down a bit.

Why not make your own icon, and share how you use it here?

When I type simply “Fill” in the latest WIP, I get subD-specific prompts.

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Sure. I just hadn’t seen any documentation on the command at all, didn’t know it existed.

I’ve just been downloading the latest WIP every time it comes out and following what I can on the forum. The only command I’d encountered previously that isn’t in the SubD toolbar is the smooth/flat view toggle, because it was discussed on boards.

We have tool in place to announce new tools and changes, but they aren’t always perfect. I guess we screwed up, or something fell through the cracks.
That’s part of why it’s call a Work In Progress, eh?

Am I looking in the wrong place for new tools and changes? I’ve just been looking in the command list in the WIP. If I should be looking somewhere else, please let me know.

I’m newish to this forum and to your dev process. I used Clayoo a lot and I’m super excited about SubD becoming native, which is why I’m posting about my experiences testing it so much.

When the new WIPs come out, a list of changes is posted in this thread:

It looks like “Fill” was added two WIPs ago.


The icon for Fill ought to be in the SubD toolbar for you now but it has an edit on deck to look a bit better. I’ll check on it getting added to the SubD menu as well. Thanks.

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If in doubt, run ToolbarReset and then restart Rhino. (Windows)