Fill an object with objects

I’m trying to make a claw machine. Instead of manually placing toys inside, I’d like to find a way to fill the space automatically.

I’ve only managed to find these two tutorials that show exactly what I’m trying to do, but both are for Blender. Would this be easily achievable with Grasshopper?

Maybe you could achieve something like this with the help of kangaroo? I dont have my laptop at hand so i cant test it atm. But like this i can imagine you could simulate it to fill without intersections

I went through Kangaroo videos (Daniel Piker), but I didn’t see a similar solution. Is there something I missed?

Ill give it today ik the evening a try and let you know if it actually works :slight_smile:

@l11 you can do such stuff with Rhino Nature, though it’s internaly achieved differently than via physics simulation. In RN I would pick objects to scatter then a base surface, dense distribution and randomized Z translation, if it’s crucial to avoid objects overlap then just turn on Collision check. Anyway RN works very well for such stuff.

Just to show, I opened an old showcase scene and put in the simplest jar and one circular surf beneath, in seconds:

this is the video tutorial you should watch

Thank you. I will watch the video.

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trying to find a solution without a paid plugin. But thank you, this would be a good option if all fails.