Fill a surface with circles using an attractor in the center

(etia) #1

I was wondering if there is any way to fill a flat surface with circles that touch each other (not overlaps) of fixed radius.
I was thinking using circle packing studies and an attractor like this:

Simulating an attractor point in the center of the surface, and slowly filling it while the surface is not filled fully.

I try to download it, but it is using an old kangaroo and I can’t find it.


(Riccardo Majewski) #2

Old kangaroo is here:
Pick the 0.099 version, down in the list.

(Daniel Piker) #3

Here are various circle packing examples using the current Kangaroo:

In particular the first two there - CirclePackOnSurface, and CircleFill_Dome_tangentboundary
The discussion where that second one was first posted is here:

(cricri) #4

Thanks, where I should specify the location of the KangarooSolver?. Because when I open it, it does not ask me where to place the location.

(Daniel Piker) #5

Right click the SphereCurveCollide component and select ManageAssemblies
If you are using Rhino 5, the KangarooSolver dll will probably be somewhere like:
but if you are using Rhino 6, it will be something like:
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins\Grasshopper\Components