Filit problems again?

Any suggestions on how to solve this? Model before fileting, and after. I would have thought Rhino would have been able to transition the difficult area.The red outlines the voids.

can you post the model?

Click_Stick_end_2v.3dm (194.0 KB)

I’m seeing same behaviour here… and I think it’s because your two surfaces go tangent at the center of the part-

Can I share this with our developers?

here is a workaround-

it does however work if you fillet first then boolean-

I don’t know what you mean by Boolean after the fillet. Which boolean command?

fillet the u shaped part 1st, and then the puck it connects to-

then boolean union the two parts together.

Oh, I get it. However, that requires fore thought of all the parts and how they will eventually look together. I was working more organically. Model the object and add fillets as finishing. As I would have done it building with my hands. I guess I may have shift how I work. That said, SolidWorks was able to fillet after modeling with one click.

thanks for your help.