Filet edges results in holes

Hi everybody,

am working on something that needs to have rounded edges, before i had it fileted at .35, but they were still very sharp, so applied a .6 filet and it left holes, when i joined edge curves, they are pretty ugly. any way to fix this and make them smooth? am attaching file, there are 3 points with these little holes and you can see the faces don’t exactly match up after fileting which results in the ugliness.
new top new filet 003.3dm (272.1 KB)

as always, thanks for any and all help!

Here, starting with the thing hard-edged and filleting all the edges at once, .6 seems to do the job cleanly.


yeah, i wasn’t going to filet the horizontal lines ie the ones where the two pyramids meet, but i guess if that’s what does the trick, then it’s a better option. thanks