Filet Edge does not work for Tutorials->User Guides->Headphone.3dm

I am doing Headphone.3dm from the User Guides Tutorial. When it comes to select the edge to filet I am unable to select any edge in any viewport.
Additionally The Tutorials panel looks empty and the Perspective viewport does not have the guidelines in the xy plane but rather on the yz plane. I attache two screenshots:
One is showing that before attempting Filet Edge I am able to select something.
The second is showing when I start Filed Edge I am unable to select anything.
After I cancel Filet Edge I am again able to select whatever I want.

Hi Janos -

It looks like you missed a step in that tutorial.
The relevant picture from that tutorial is the following:

In this scene, the edge that is being selected is a common edge of two surfaces that are joined together: the cylindrical surface and its cap. In your picture, that cap is missing. Using the FilletEdge command, you can only fillet an edge if that edge is a common edge of two surfaces that are joined.
[The FilletSrf command doesn’t require that there is a common edge but you will still need two surfaces].