Filet 3faces tangent ! (Wish)

Is there a tool that can make a filet tangent to 3 faces? It’s possible to create a filet by selecting one edge, or 2 faces, it seems to me that it should be possible to create a filet by selecting 3 faces,no?

Hello - no, there is no tool for that in Rhino. It would be nice…


So it’s a wish for rhino 7!!!

I’m having a hard time understanding this one.
Can you please post a simple example of some surfaces that you want to “fillet” with 3 faces?

in fact there would be two possibilities:
First, it is possible to create a tangent circle with 3 lines, so it is possible to create a tangent cylinder with 3 flat surfaces, right?

second,it is possible to create a connection between two curves, as it is possible to create a connection between two surfaces, which allows us to adjust the start and finish of the curves or surfaces, but it would be interesting to be able to add between this departure and this arrived a crossing point. I believe that the XNURBS tools allow this, but I think that such tools should exist as standard in Rhino.

this command was called in SOLIDWORKS: filet with face removal, i think.

Filet with face remove.3dm (92.9 KB)

Use the tangent to curves or tangent, tangent, radius.

Which tool?

  • Arc: tangent to curves
  • Arc: tangent, tangent, radius

You create curve and after loft surface? Ok…
But I would like a tool that create directly the filet tangent to 3 surfaces…

Got you.
The task is rare, and through the curves filet time takes 10 seconds.

maybe you can make a circle first, tangent to each edge to get the value and then, use FilletSrf between the angled surfaces:

is this helpful?
you can match a loft tangent to an edge, then use an extracted curve for curve 2 then match to an edge tangent for curve 3.

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Ok… I know how I can built this kind of surface, it’s just a wish for rhino 7… A lot of cad software had already this tool, why not in rhino?
In my job, I have sometimes a lot of filets to pass on a part, so a tool like this can help me!

Thank you!!!