FileSettings.FileLockingEnabled Not Working

I am trying to disable File Locking in our Skin for Rhino. After setting these properties to false, they are still true.

What else should I be doing instead to disable this behavior?

FileSettings.FileLockingOpenWarning = false;
FileSettings.FileLockingEnabled = false;

Hi @jason_stevenson,

Are you calling this from your skin assembly or from your plug-in? If the plug-in, when and where are you calling this?

Just trying to figure out how to repeat - thanks.

– Dale

I’m calling from within the Skin Assembly OnEndLoadAtStartPlugins() method.

I’ve tried adding logic to execute the setting on Initialized also to no avail:

RhinoApp.Initialized += RhinoAppOnInitialized;

Any thoughts?

Hi @jason_stevenson,

Looks like this is no fault of yours.

– Dale

I was able to change the values from within the Plugin OnLoad method, just not from within our Skin DLL. Thank you sir!