Filepath issue with photos inserted into Layouts

Hi, I am struggling to figure out how to manipulate a file path. The issue is this: I embed a photo into a layout in Rhino 6. I place said photo from a folder in my Google Drive, which is installed on both computers. But the pictures have different file paths. The user name is the difference. The photo filepath is:

While My Drive is on my laptop, it cannot find that path because the User name is Chase Small Craft.
So the file path for My Drive on my laptop is C:\Users\Chase Small Craft\My Drive\Pictures…
I already tried changing the name of the user on my laptop to Clint by that will not work, it appears.

Any advice? This is more a PC question than a Rhino question, but it impacts my Rhino work between computers a great deal. Thank you!

Hi Clint - do you have GoogleDrive File Stream? That is mapped as a drive, here, and My Drive is on that so user name never enters into it -


Interesting, no I do not have that. I see how it works though…

In the meantime, David Cockey and I found that pasting the search path that I want it to follow into Document properties will get the photos to load and update when I toggle back and forth between computers.

So others know, look under Document Properties > Rhino options > Files > Search paths