File3dm.ReadRevisionHistory createdOn

I’m working on a plugin to help our support staff gather info from Rhino users when they’re having an issue. I can’t get the createdOn field in the File3dm.ReadRevisionHistory to return a meaningful value.

I see from the docs that createdOn returns DateTime.MinValue if not set in file. Regardless of what file I open, who created it, where it was created, I consistently get DateTime.MinValue for createdOn. All the other fields return the expected values. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

I think I can grab this info from System.IO.FileInfo instead, but am curious why the Rhino method isn’t working for me.

Hi @mswaidan,

I am able to repeat what you’ve reported. I have opened an issue.

Thanks for bring this to our attention.

– Dale

Thanks @dale, I’ll keep an eye on that issue.