File with Karamba returns to 39.37?

I noticed that my files that use Karamba will suddenly show 39.37 for deflection after 2 sliders have been touched. This happens on my simple and complex models, regardless of the model scale, and it happens in the Shapediver platform and on my personal sites. I think it must be a problem with Karamba in Shapediver? It was not happening until September.

You can see it yourself if you watch the deflection:
ShapeDiver Viewer v2 (also my “stadium 2_7” file)

Any advice on what is happening?

@s.bunt could you try whether it still works after re-uploading your model. The ShapeDiver system your account is linked to is a development system which has undergone a bigger update, it is likely related to this.

Thanks for your help, Alexander. I have tried uploading new models of various scales and difficulties and they also default to 39.37.

It turned out that the problem happens due to an issue with Karamba‘s license. It will most probably be fixed tomorrow.

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Thank you!

The issue has been fixed. Please be aware that computations which have been done while the license was invalid won’t update, unless the model is re-uploaded.