File type not yet supported by "import headless" in Rhino & WIP


I have been developing a grasshopper component that import different files types. I have noticed that when importing .3dm files or .pdf files, UI prompt still shows up asking user for input.

It would be great if this can be fixed. See below:

And looks like import headless still failed to import .eps files:

@stevebaer Did you have a chance to look at this yet? It would be great to get a fix soon so we can roll out a new file import component to the ShapeDiver plugin!

I thought that was fixed. I’ll need to try and repeat this. Is there a specific file type I should test with?

Here is my very basic testing setup, using the latest service release (7.3.21053.23031, 02/22/2021): (6.8 KB)

From what I can see, there are still several import formats that trigger a command prompt:

The pdf format now seems to work actually.

I also draw your attention to another issue regarding exporting options I just reported:

Thank you!

@stevebaer If you have a moment to review my feedback above, that would be great! We are ready to roll out those new features except for this last issue. AI and csv are not a big deal but it would be a shame to not support 3dm because of the leftover command line option.

Hi Mathieu,
These items that you listed still need to be fixed in Rhino. They have not been worked on yet.

Thank you! Looking forward to the fixes.

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Hi @stevebaer, could you give us a rough timeline for getting rid of these command prompts when running headless imports?

Hi guys,
I haven’t been able to tackle this yet. It is on my bug list, but I can’t give any sort of decent estimate on when this will be done.

The bug is listed at

@snabela this should be fixed in Rhino 7.7 which we plan to have a first release candidate for on May 11 and will make official on June 15

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