File > print > Visibility > Filename = bottom Automation

I have combed over Rhinocommon, and c#. I do not see any way to automate the ability to this particular print option. I actually don’t see any Scripted print options anywhere. Am i missing something? Has anyone been able to successfully automate this process through RHB or Even just a Command attached to a print button?

Thanks all, I’ve been baffled for the last two days trying to figure this out!

For reference, i’m referring to Rhino 5. But i would assume if there was a way, it would be retroactive to both 4 and 6.

So noone has been able to get the filename footer to stay on bottom by default? That’s a bummer!

Hi @Joseph_Martin,

It looks like the best you can do, at this time, is script the Print command (e.g _-Print) and fill in the header text with the filename.

If you are using C# and are wondering how to script Rhino command, then review this guide.

– Dale