File Picker - how to remove file without replacing it. ie. return to blank

Is there a way to remove the file selection from the Human UI FilePicker module without replacing it with something else?

I am using FilePicker to load an optional file. At startup the picker is empty. Once loaded, I have no way of removing it to get back to the empty start state. With a text box, I can delete the text, easy. I’m looking for the same functionality. If this is not possible, can it be added to the next version?


Is not possible to use the native filepath component?


What native filepath component are you referring to? I’m looking for a Human UI interface solution. Are you suggesting a solution that leverages native grasshopper components with a different Human UI interface module?

little bit of a hidden feature… you can use “set text box contents” to modify a file picker.

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Thanks Andrew!

i was referring to this, but i think may have misunderstood your question.

any chance you can provide a quick screenshot of the script connections for this? i can’t seem to get this solution to work and i’m sure it’s just my order to SET components.