File Picker - how to remove file without replacing it. ie. return to blank

(Leland Curtis) #1

Is there a way to remove the file selection from the Human UI FilePicker module without replacing it with something else?

I am using FilePicker to load an optional file. At startup the picker is empty. Once loaded, I have no way of removing it to get back to the empty start state. With a text box, I can delete the text, easy. I’m looking for the same functionality. If this is not possible, can it be added to the next version?


(W. Cervio P. M.) #2

Is not possible to use the native filepath component?

(Leland Curtis) #3


What native filepath component are you referring to? I’m looking for a Human UI interface solution. Are you suggesting a solution that leverages native grasshopper components with a different Human UI interface module?

(Andrew Heumann) #4

little bit of a hidden feature… you can use “set text box contents” to modify a file picker.

(Leland Curtis) #5

Thanks Andrew!

(W. Cervio P. M.) #6

i was referring to this, but i think may have misunderstood your question.