File location is not a Rhino m_archive


I am facing trouble opening a file I thought I saved, but seems to be located in the autosave folder for Rhino. It shows an error message upon opening: (File path) is not a Rhino m_archive.

I tried Rescue and Audit commands to no avail. I hope there is a solution to this problem since I don’t have any other file saved for this drawing.

I use Rhino 6 on Mac.


what file type is it?

have you tried moving the file our of the autosave folder, restating and then opening?

It is a .3dm file (about 300mb so I assume there is some data that I can salvage)

I did try that, it has the same error.

Rhino for Mac does not have an autosave folder like Windows does.
Macs use the macOS version Revert tool.