File export not working in embedded viewer for some types

So I have built a small viewer with 4 buttons to export the created geometry in 4 different formats (dxf, stp, stl and obj).

I have set it up in GH so they are all called “Download DXF”, Download STP, Download STL and Download OBJ respectively.

If I try it in the shapediver app all the buttons work fine and I get the file to download.

But when I embed it on my test website ( pw: momo only the buttons for dxf and stp work. When I press the button for stl or obj I get the following error:

I have tripple-checked all the names, but they are all identical to what it is called in GH. The functionality itself is definitely working since its working in the shapediver app.

The name in GH:

The function on the button:

The export function:

Sorry for overlooking this request. I just tried to export the OBJ file directly using the API function from your website, and it gives me the following error message:

This can happen if you are not sending any geometry for those parameter values, or if the meshes are invalid for some reason. Are you sure that you can export the OBJ file correctly from the ShapeDiver platform for these exact parameter values that your website is using? If so, can you post a link to the Shapediver model? I could not locate it on the platform.