File Conventions

Logistics forced me to get a v6 license for my Mac laptop rather than my usual PC desktop, and I am baffled by this:

Save, Save As. I’m trying to think of another program in the last 40 years that doesn’t just have Save, and Save As. What is “rename”? And why am I getting warnings about my normal Saves taking up disk space?

Save. Save As.

And I am almost afraid to ask about what appears to be an inability for the Layers menu to sort alphabetically.


Your V6 license is valid for both PC and Mac, just in case…

The Save/SaveAs thing is a Mac OS thing… called Versions. Saves continuously. But I think you can get the SaveAs back if you hold down the Alt key while pulling down the menu - or something like that.

The layers sort thing… yeah, this is a hot-button issue…

Been using Macs since my SE30 and I must admit I missed this “versions” thing whenever it appeared, but perhaps that’s also because I haven’t seen it in anything from Adobe, Microsoft; actually, nowhere in any of my Mac OS-based programs that I can think of, anyway. Save, Save As, Revert.

I’m gathering from your response that Layer sorting is in fact not possible. I honestly don’t know what to say to that, but nothing I can think of is good.

Dunno, not a Mac person myself… (haven’t been since I abandoned my Mac LC in 1996, needing to use AutoCAD). However, there are various articles on the subject… Apparently you can shut it off if you want. Having had students with Macs though, I do know that we were able to recover files after a crash or some other problem…


This may also be of help to anyone who ends up with the same question: