File compatibility issue MacV5/WinV6 - Unrecognized Objects warning for "Multiplication"

I try to open a GH file

  • created on most recent Rhino V6
  • on MacWIP 5.2 (GH 1.0.0004)

There is a problem with basic math components. “multiplication” and “subtraction” are not recognized, which is why the definition is unusable for the moment (and I don’t have access to a PC right now).

I do find the components are in the toolbar and there is no indication, why they should not work.

Is there a workaround to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance,

Those components were replaced with improved, newer versions. So if a file is made using these newer component, it won’t load on an older GH which doesn’t ‘know’ about them.

Only if this is something you’re looking to fix within your own workflow. You can get access to the older versions by typing a # when searching for components. You’ll see of the obsolete ones.


Or better yet, create a single file on your Mac which contains the addition component it knows, open that file on your newer version and create a user object out of that component. This will allow you to reliably use it.

However if you’re given a file by someone else which uses components you don’t have access to, you will not be able to open it correctly. And this will get worse and worse the further you fall behind with respect to the most current version.

Thanks for the elaborate explanation David!

Allow me to say that it sounds quite complicated given the fact that we use the two most recent versions of gh (on two platforms).

BTW: I stumbled upon this :slight_smile:

Seems like I am not lone with this.

Would it be an option for you to include similar functionality into gh directly?

What I am left puzzled with: this issue can only be fixed upstream (in the original file). If I find myself on the downstream end (the Mac in this case) with no access to the upstream system (V6), I am lost.
Any chance to load dummy or outdated components just to avoid losing the wires?

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Late answer:

You can. By replacing component GUID for each upgraded Subtraction & Multiplication. I’m considering about adding a low-level inspector into Pancake to provide a manual manipulation on GH files.