File Associations Broken

Hi people,

For some reason my file associations messed up, and now I have a combination of icons. One is just a Rhino, the other one is a Rhino and a 6.

See, my 3dm files are associated to only the plain Rhino icon. While dwg, dxf, obj and rhl are to R6.
Also, aren’t .rhl files hidden?

Any way to fix this?

Hello - highlight a file, right click and choose ‘Open with…’ > Choose another app > Rhino 6 > 'Always use this app

Any of that work?


Hi Pascal, sadly it does not work. The default for .3dm files is Rhino6 and I have confirmed it, but the icon won’t change.

Yeah, I get you now - here too, for that matter; I do not know what is expected there - @brian - what should be showing on a 3dm file that opens with V6?

I also see

in fact I do not see anything with a 6 on it anywhere at the moment, in any file type - they are all like the image above and none like in the orignal post ^^.


I could not find the standard icon nowhere on my pc, not sure where it is being read from. It must have another name.

The icon you’re showing is the Rhino 6 application icon; the one you want is the 3dm file icon. They’re both stored in the Rhino.exe in Program Files.

Did any of the information here help?

Nothing really works, I just want all the files set to be open with Rhino6 to look the same, please. I don’t care if it has the 3dm file icon or the Rhino 6 app icon, it is the same to me, I just want the same on all files.

There’s a zip but for Rhino 5. And 2 link to 3rd party apps to manage windows icons.

  • Default Programs Editor
  • File Types Manager

I don’t understand why I need to use a 3rd party app to achieve this, I don’t want to.

You tell me both icons are stored inside the Rhino.exe file… But I can clearly find the Rhino 6 Application icon while I can’t find the 3dm file icon… so, suppose I want all my Rhino files to have the 3dm file icon, where do I search for it??

Edit: I found all the icons by selecting the Rhino.exe just like you said Brian. I did not know this was possible. I guess a great part of the confusion has to do with Rhino 6 application having both icons inside Rhino.exe and also outside.

Fixed it! (using Default Programs Editor) Much better :smile:


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